Mandalong is a small rural community. Most of the properties in the area are between 10 and 50 hectares, some in traditional small farming blocks but many in environmentally protected areas. There was a population of just 388 people at the 2011 census. 

Typical of rural locations, families had lived in the valley for many years and there was a strong sense of community and appreciation of the local environment.

In recent years Centennial Coal has purchased more than 50 properties in the Mandalong Valley. This represents more than 30% of the landholders.

The social profile of the community has radically changed as long-term owner residents have been replaced with tenants. The impact has been significant.

This unavoidable sequence of events has been gradually fracturing and weakening the community engagement.

In response to these circumstances the Mandalong Community Association (MCA) has set about an intense period of community-building activities. These include regular community social events including a Book Club and Film Club. In addition, this Mandalong web site has been constructed to facilitate good communication with residents.

The MCA is of the opinion that whilst individual community members directly affected by mining activity are receiving a range of compensations, the community overall which has suffered significant social affects, has had no compensatory consideration.

There is a strong belief that Centennial needs to provide compensation to the Mandalong community to assist in the repair of the social fabric and negotiations between Centennial Coal and the MCA are currently underway.

There are a number of Mandalong Community Projects in various stages of development. These projects are designed to both improve our environment and draw together and nourish the rebuilding of the community.

The current Mandalong Community Projects are:

  1. Upgrade of Mandalong Road to provide safer traffic conditions. Upgrade to include a cycle/horseriding track. This project is considered a priority as Centennial Coal’s  Mandalong Southern Extension will substantially increase heavy truck traffic along this road.
  2. Upgrade of Mandalong’s unformed roads to bring them to LMCC standard thereby enabling them to be maintained by Council.
  3. Community Centre and park. The MCA has been negotiating this project with Centennial Coal for a number of years.
  4. Mandalong Reserve Beautification and Mandalong Entry Statement Public Artwork twin projects. These projects are with LMCC to be considered under their new Public Art Strategy.
  5. Mandalong Wetlands Protection Project.