About Us

Mandalong Rural Fire Brigade is made up of fantastic individuals from Mandalong and surrounding areas. We come together as a team to look after not only the local area but the wider community as well.

We take part in community education and activities, work with other brigades and with the authorities at every level. Being open to learning is key to our approach. No matter how much we think we know, there is always a surprise around the corner to humble us.

We were there in the 2013 Red October, at the back of Mandalong when the fire jumped the freeway, Stockrington and so on. We attend local motor vehicle accidents/fires. We have even been known to round up a head or two of cattle from time to time.

There is always a place for you in the Mandalong Brigade whether you wish to be an active firefighter or not.

We are also there to help you to reduce the fire hazards on your property.

While there are some limits to what we can do, we do our best to be proactive in the safety of our area of care.

We are also active in lobbying for more sensible land care powers for Lake Macquarie Council residents. To be successful we need the united voice of all rural residents.

Click on the video. It shows the fun and the serious side of what we do.


Our Services

Assistance for Infirm, Disabled and Elderly Residents

Known as AIDER, this program provides a once-off, free service support to residents to assist them live safely and confidently in bush fire prone areas. AIDER services may include thinning vegetation, removing leaves, sticks and fallen branches, trimming branches, mowing or slashing long grass and cleaning gutters.

To be eligible for AIDER, residents should be aged or have disabling conditions and have limited domestic support from family, friends or other services.

Call (02) 8741 4955 to request an assessment of your property.


Emergency alerts via SMS and email

Early Warning Network

Register for emergency alerts for your area via SMS and email with the Australian Early Warning Network (EWN) to receive free warnings for events such as severe storms, hail, flash floods and damaging winds as well as total fire bans and bushfire threats. This is a privately run system, which Council subsidises for its residents, businesses, schools, community groups, emergency service workers and employees.

Fires Near Me NSW

The Fires Near Me NSW app is free and available for Androids, or for iPhones .



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