Centennial Coal Mandalong

Centennial Coal Mandalong is operated by Centennial Mandalong Pty. Limited, a subsidiary of Centennial Coal. The mine began operation around 2005 and has its entrance and offices adjacent to the M1 near Morisset. It is an underground long wall, thermal coal mine.

Originally, at the close of the 1990’s and early 2000’s, the mine bought many of the properties in the valley as there was poor understanding of the possible effects of undermining in this local area. As people sold, many new renters who were less invested in land management let alone improvement arrived, disrupting the social cohesion of the valley community.

As the mine has now moved south, most mine properties are being purchased by new landowners who are invested in preserving and improving the land and building social capital in the valley community. Mandalong is reawakening from a period of disruption.

Centennial Coal management meet with appointed local representatives three times a year.  Known as the CCC (Community Consultative Committee) this group keep the Mandalong community informed of matters that affect the residents.

The MCA has three positions on the CCC. They are held by:

  • Marton Marosszeky / Mandy Allen
  • Tracey Corkery
  • Mick Astles

Communication and Resources related to Centennial Mine

For Mandalong community information and complaints, you can contact Centennial Coal directly through the following channels:

Visit: https://www.centennialcoal.com.au/operations/mandalong

Phone: 1800 730 919

Email: mandalongmine@centennialcoal.com.au