Feral Deer

Feral deer populations in NSW are believed to have increased dramatically in recent years and this is certainly the case in Mandalong.

Fallow Deer are the most abundant and distributed species across the region followed by Red Deer and localised populations of Sambar.

When their populations are high, deer can have a major impact on the variety and abundance of plant species and can do significant damage to wetlands.

Fallow Deer, dama dama

Control of Feral Deer

From time to time Mandalong residents report illegal deer shooting taking place on and near their properties.

Whilst deer are classified as a game animal and some land owners want to reduce the deer numbers on their properties, it is imperative people’s safety, and that of their animals, is safeguarded.

There are many rules governing deer shooting, but the important facts for local residents to remember are:

  • No deer shooter, whether professional or recreational can shoot on, or onto, private property without the landholder’s written permission.
  • Shooters need to hold a Firearms Licence and a Restricted Hunting Licence to hunt deer on private and public property.

Property owners who wish to engage deer hunters to shoot on their land, should:

  • Engage reputable, experienced, licensed hunters.
  • Ensure the hunters know the boundaries of the area they are permitted to shoot in.
  • Ensure bullets do not enter neighbouring properties.
  • As a courtesy, advise residents in neighbouring properties when the shooters will be doing the cull.
  • Local Police have asked that they be contacted immediately should an incident of illegal hunting occur. Phone Morisset Police Station on 4973 9999. The call will be transferred to Toronto Police Station if necessary. Toronto Police Station is manned 24 hours.

Our local police also suggest that Mandalong residents place “Trespassers will be Prosecuted…No shooting allowed” signs on their gates and in positions where shooters are known to be trespassing

For more information, visit https://www.lls.nsw.gov.au/what-we-do/our-major-projects/every-bit-counts/archived/pest-animals/feral-deer