Rabbits, Wild Dogs and Foxes

Wild rabbits and wild dogs are currently declared pests in NSW. Foxes are classed as nuisance animals. Control of these animals is highly regulated. 1080 and Pindone are the 2 main vertebrate pesticides used for the control of rabbits, foxes and wild dogs.


Control of Rabbits, Wild Dogs and Foxes

Local Land Services Biosecurity Officers can help Mandalong landholders by providing advice on suitable control techniques, implementation and coordination of group control programs to control rabbits, wild dogs and foxes.

They also offer free online accredited training to support landholders in the appropriate use of baits and pesticides. The Vertebrate Pesticide Induction Training can be completed at any time at no cost, and upon successful completion, you will hold a five year accreditation to possess 1080, Pindone, RHDV and or PAPP baits.