Mandalong Rural Fire Brigade

Mandalong Rural Fire Brigade

The Mandalong Rural Fire Brigade is located at 612 Mandalong Road.



Emergency Contacts and Alert Services

Bushfire Emergency: 000

Bushfire Information Line: 1800 679 737

RFS website:


Fires Near Me N.S.W.

The Fires Near Me app is free and available for Android and iPhone.

Bushfire Survival Plan

Make a bushfire survival plan. Download information from the RFS website and ENSURE all points are covered in your plan.

Know your Neighbourhood Safe Place of last resort in a bushfire emergency. NB: As at April 2023 the fire brigade advisor could not identify this for the Mandalong area. Therefore you need to have a designated place in mind and identify safe exits.

Have a folder near your computer containing your crucial paperwork so you can grab both and leave.

Please look at all the information on the RFS website as it answers all questions.


Property access for the Mandalong Fire Truck

Before the fire season, trim back overhanging branches along your property access route to allow sufficient access for all emergency vehicles.

Consider the Mandalong Fire Truck’s impressive statistics!

Weight: 13.7 tonne
Height: 3.8 metres
Width: 2.5 metres


Removal of stock in case of fire or flood

Have a plan for early removal of stock to a safe place. This is up to each individual to discuss with neighbours and to ensure what is feasible, e.g. if horses need to be transported – is a float available? Where are you going to take them? Etc.

Assistance for Infirm, Disabled and Elderly Residents

Known as AIDER, this program provides a once-off, free service support to residents to assist them live safely and confidently in bush fire prone areas.

AIDER services may include thinning vegetation, removing leaves, sticks and fallen branches, trimming branches, mowing or slashing long grass and cleaning gutters.

To be eligible for AIDER, residents should be aged or have disabling conditions and have limited domestic support from family, friends or other services.

Call (02) 8741 4955 to request an assessment of your property.