Varroa Mite

Since the NSW DPI detected Varroa Mite in honey bee hives in Newcastle in June 2022, a Biosecurity Emergency Order was put into place to protect the NSW honey bee industry by ensuring the parasite is eradicated.

There are 3 Varroa Mite emergency zones:

  1. Surveillance Zone
  2. Eradication Zone
  3. General Emergency zone.

Currently Mandalong is in the Surveillance Zone


All beekeepers within the Eradication and Surveillance zones must report their hives. This can be done by completing the form on the DPI website.

To register as a beekeeper, learn more about the current Emergency Order, or read the latest newsletter, visit:


If you detect Varroa Mite, call the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline immediately to report your detection on 1800 084 881.